Mason and Tile Setting Equipment List

Basic hand tools:

Caulking tools

Mason’s level, tile leveling system


Pitching tools

Claw tools

Punch, point

Jumper tool

Feathers and wedges

Tile spacers

Rubber grout float

Straight edge

Brickwork gauge rod

Brick hammer, other specialty hammers for brick and stone


Mixing tools

Various trowels

Cold chisel, blocking chisel

Wire brush, brushes

Masonry hand saw

Mason’s hammer, mallet, mashing hammer, etc.

Mortar pan

Plumb rule and Bob

Chalk box

Mason’s line and pin

Boning rods

Various manual tile cutting tools, nippers

Concrete finishing tools, bull-float, edge trowel, broom, stamping tools

Rubber buckets


Spades and Pick axe

Measurement Devices:


Spacing rule

Tape measure

Mason’s square, Tri-square, Framing square

Power Tools:

Skill saw

Drill and diamond drill bits

Diamond-blade wet saw

Power mixers

Other equipment:

Scaffolding equipment